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Leica Vario-Elmar-S 30-90mm f/3.5-5.6 ASPH

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 With the Leica Pro format of the S-System (30x45mm), this compact standard zoom lens corresponds to a 24-72mm lens in 35mm systems. It is the only 3-times zoom lens in the digital medium-format market.

The Leica Vario-Elmar-S 30-90mm f3.5-5.6 ASPH. combines a very versatile range of focal lengths, compact dimensions and low weight with excellent image quality over the entire focal length range, from infinity to close-up, at widest aperture and stopped down. Its performance makes the lens a full-fledged alternative to fixed focal-length lenses. The lens is primarily characterized by its compactness and light-weight; it boosting the photographer's flexibility, particularly in travel, fashion and photo journalism.

Lens Extremely fast zoom lens for Leica S-Cameras, with an extended intermediate range of focal lengths and three aspherical lens surfaces for outstanding imaging performance
Compatible cameras All Leica S-Models
Angle of view 

At 30 mm: approx. 81.5°, 73.1°, 51°

At 90 mm: approx. 34°, 28.5°, 19.5° 

(diagonal, horizontal, vertical)

Optical Design :
Number of lenses / groups 14/11, 3 Aspherical surfaces
Position of entrance pupil at 30 / 90 mm  39.6 / 91.3 mm
Focusing Working range 0.65 m to infinity
Scales Combined meter / feet graduation
Smallest object field

At 30 mm: approx. 514 mm x 771 mm

At 90 mm: approx. 194 mm x 291 mm

Largest reproduction ratio At 30 mm: 1:17.1 At 90 mm: 1/6.5
Aperture Setting / function Electronically controlled iris, setting with the camera click wheel control, half-stop setting possible
Smallest aperture value 32
Bayonet Leica S quick-change bayonet with contact strip for Leica S-Models
Filter mount / lens hood Outer bayonet mount for lens hood (included), inner threaded mount for E95 filters, non-rotating filter mount
Finish Black anodized
Overall length to bayonet flange

Approx. 114 mm / 4.5 inches (without lens hood)

(approx. 145 mm / 4.5 inches with lens hood)

Maximum diameter

Approx. 101 mm / 4 inches (without lens hood)

(approx. 150 mm / 5 inches with lens hood)

Weight Approx. 1275 g / 45 oz without lens hood