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Leica Camera is pleased to introduce the Leica Summicron-S 100mm f/2 ASPH, a new addition to the Leica S-System. The lens is ideal for portrait, beauty, landscapes, and available light photography and corresponds to an 80mm lens in the 35mm system with a natural-looking perspective. The sophisticated lens engineering is optimized for perfect skin tones while maintaining the highest level of brilliance.

Lens Type Portrait-Tele-Lens
Compatible Cameras  All Leica S Models
Viewing Angle
Approximately 29, 24.7, 16.4 (diagonal, horizontal, vertical) correspond to approximately 80mm focal length in 35 mm system 
Optical Structure 
Number of lens elements / groups 7 /5, aspherical surfaces 2, location of entrance pupil 13 / 38 mm (infinity / closest focusing distance
Focusing range
Working range 0.7 m to infinity, scales combined meters / feet, smallest object field / largest scale approximately 144 x 217 mm / 1:5
Electronically controlled iris, f-stops selectable in half-stop increments with the click wheel on the camera, smallest aperture value f 22
Flash Sync Focal plain shutter x = 1 / 125 s
Bayonet Leica S bayonet 
Filter mount  Threaded mount for E82 filters, non-rotating filter mount
Lens Hood  Lens hood with bayonet mount (part of delivery)
Surface finish Black anodized 
Length up bayonet mount approximately 102 / 146 mm (with / without lens hood) Largest diameter approximately 91 / 104 mm (with / without lens hood) 
Weight  Approximately 32.1 ounces or 910 g