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Following the footsteps of the Leica SL2, the new fast Leica SL2-S enables photographers and videographers to achieve the legendary Leica look without compromise. Combining a new 24MP CMOS-BIS sensor, the latest Maestro III processor, and two separate shooting modes for photo and video, the Leica SL2-S offers an unparalleled, intuitive hybrid photography experience and the best of two worlds.

Capture One 21 full-integration enables tethered shooting and professional RAW image editing.

* SD card is not included


Leica SL2-S
Camera type Mirrorless full-frame system camera
Type no. 9584
Buffer memory 4 GB
DNG™: > 999 recordings
JPG: > 999 recordings
Storage medium UHS-II (recommended), UHS-I, SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card
Material Full-metal housing made of aluminum and magnesium, leatherette, cover, splash-water protected in compliance with
IEC standard 60529 (protection type IP54).
Lens mount Leica L bayonet with contact strip for communication between lens and camera
Operating conditions -10 to +40°C
Interfaces ISO accessory shoe with additional control contacts, HDMI jack 2.0b Type A, USB 3.1 Gen1 Type C, Audio-Out 3.5 mm/Audio-In 3.5 mm, communication interface in the base cover for multifunction hand grip
Tripod thread A 1⁄4 DIN 4503 (1⁄4”) with stainless steel in the base
Dimensions (WxHxD) 146 x 107 x 83 mm
Weight approx. 850 g (without battery), approx. 931g (with battery)
Sensor size CMOS sensor, pixel pitch: 5.94 μm / Fullframe (24.6 MP): 6072 x 4056 pixels / APS-C (10.6 MP): 3984 x 2656 pixels
Image Stabilization 5 axis Body Image Stabilization. Camera stabilizes up to 5.5 stops.
Filter RGB color filter, UV/IR filter, no low-pass filter
Processor Leica Maestro series (Maestro III)
File formats Photo: DNG™ (raw data), DNG + JPG, JPG (DCF, Exif 2.31) Video: MP4: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC (Audio Format: 2ch 48 kHz/16 bit, AAC), MOV: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC (Audio Format: 2ch 48 kHz/16 bit, LPCM)
Picture resolution DNG™: 6000 x 4000 pixels (24 MP), JPG: 6000 x 4000 pixels (24 MP), 4272 x 2848 pixels (12.2 MP),
2976 x 1984 pixels (5.9 MP)APS-C: DNG: 3963 x 2624 pixels (10.3 MP), JPG: 3963 x 2624 pixels (10.3MP), 2736 x 1824 pixels (5 MP),1920 x 1280 pixels (2.5MP)
Color depth DNG™: 14 bit, 12 Bit (super high continuous shooting), JPG: 8 bit
Color space Picture: sRGB, Video: Rec. 709/Rec. 2020 (HLG/L-Log)
File size DNG™: approx. 44 MB, JPG: depending on resolution and image content Video: unlimited, max. file size: 96 GB
Recording Mode Video Video mode: P - A - S – M / Cine mode: M
Video resolution/frame rate 35 mm - C4K (17:9) 4096x2160 pixels (Sensor range: 6000 x 3168 pixels)
35 mm - 4K (16:9) 3840x2160 pixels (Sensor range: 6000 x 3368 pixels)
35 mm - Full HD (16:9) 1920x1080 pixels (Sensor range: 6000 x 3368 pixels)
APS-C - C4K (17:9) 4096x2160 pixels (Sensor range: 4128 x 2176 pixels)
APS-C - 4K (16:9) 3840x2160 pixels (Sensor range: 3984 x 2240 pixels)
APS-C - Full HD 1920x1080 pixels (Sensor range: 3984 x 2240 pixels)
Bit Rate 8/10 bit for recordings on SD card, 10 bit via HDMI output
Video Gamma Rec. 709, L-Log Rec. 2020, HLG Rec. 2020
Viewfinder (EVF) Resolution: 5,760,000 dots, 120 fps, magnification: 0.78x, aspect ratio: 4:3, frame coverage: 100%, exit pupil position: 21 mm, setting range +2/-4 diopters, with eye sensor for automatic switchover between viewfinder and LCD panel, time delay 0.005 s
LCD panel 3.2“ (backlight LED) with anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch coating, 2,100,000 pixels (dots), format 3:2, touch control available
Top display 1.28“ highly reflective trans-reflective monochrome LCD, 128 x 128 pixels, viewing angle 120°; anti-fingerprint coating
Shutter type Electronically controlled focal plane shutter/electronic shutter
Shutter speeds Mech. shutter: bulb, 30 min to 1⁄8000 s / Electr. shutter function: 60 s to 1⁄16000 s / Flash Synch: up to 1/250 s
Shutter button Two-stage (1st stage: Activation of the camera electronics including autofocus and exposure metering, 2nd stage: Taking the picture)
Self-timer Delay time: 2 s or 12 s
Picture Series Single
Single Continuous Low Speed (2 fps)
Continuous Medium Speed (5 fps)
Continuous High Speed (9 fps without AFc/AE/WB)
Continuous Super Speed (25 fps with electr. shutter function without AFc/AE/WB)
Interval Shooting
Exposure Bracketing
Multishot Generates 2 DNGs: 1x 24 MP, 1x 96 MP (8 pictures are combined into one high-res image)
Focus Mode Automatic (Autofocus in modes iAF/AFs/AFc/Touch AF) or manual. With manual setting: Auto Magnification and Focus. Peaking optionally available as focus aids
Autofocus system Based on contrast metering and depth mapping
Autofocus modes Smart AF (autonomously selects AFs and AFc), AFs (picture taken only after successful focusing), AFc (picture can be taken at any time), AF setting can be saved
Autofocus Metering Methods Spot (can be shifted), Field (can be shifted), Multi-Field, Zone (can be shifted), Face detection, object Tracking, optional Touch AF
Autofocus Metering Fields 225
Exposure metering TTL (‚Through The Lens‘ exposure metering)
Exposure Metering Methods Spot, Center-Weighted, Multi-Field
Exposure modes Automatic program (P), Aperture priority (A): manual aperture setting, Shutter priority mode (S): manual shutter speed, setting Manual (M): manual setting for shutter speed and aperture
Exposure Compensation ±3 EV in 1⁄3 EV increments or 1/2 EV increments
Automatic bracketing 3 or 5 exposures, up to ±3 EV, in 1⁄3 EV increments Shift function: up to ±3 EV
ISO sensitivity range Auto ISO: ISO 100 to ISO 100000
Manual: ISO 50 to ISO 100000
White balance Automatic (Auto), Daylight 5200 K, Cloudy 6000 K, Shadow 7000 K, Tungsten 3200 K, HMI 5600 K, Fluorescent Warm 4000 K, Fluorescent Cold 4500 K, Flash 5400 K, Gray Card Live View, Gray Card, Color Temperature 2000 K to 11500 K
Flash unit connector About the accessory shoe
Flash sync time 1⁄250 s, slower shutter speeds available, automatic changeover to TTL linear flash mode with HSS-compatible. Leica flash units if sync time is undercut
Flash exposure metering Using center-weighted TTL pre-flash metering with Leica flash units (SF 26, 40, 58, 60, 64) or with system-compatible flash units, flash remote control SF C1
Flash exposure compensation SF 40: ±2 EV in 1⁄2 EV increments
SF 60: ±2 EV in 1⁄3 EV increments
Microphone Stereo internal + microphone input 3.5 mm stereo jack + power supply voltage (approx. 2.5 V)
Speaker Mono internal + headphones output 3.5 mm stereo jack
WLAN The Leica FOTOS app is required to use the WLAN function. The Leica app is available from the Apple App Store™ or the Google Play Store™. Compliant with Wi-Fi IEEE802.11b/g/n, 2.4 GHz, channel 1-11 (2412-2462 MHz) and Wi-Fi IEEE802.11ac, 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz, channel 39-48 (5180-5240 MHz), channel 52-64 (5260-5320 MHz), channel 100-140 (5500-5700 MHz) (standard WLAN protocol), encryption method: WLAN-compatible WPA™/WPA2™
Bluetooth Bluetooth v4.2 (Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)), 2402 to 2480 MHz
GPS Via Leica FOTOS app
Menu languages English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean
Power supply
Rechargeable battery (Leica BP-SCL4) Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, rated voltage: 7.2 V (DC); capacity: 1860 mAh (min.); charging time: approx. 140 min(after deep discharge); manufacturer: Panasonic Energy (Wuxi) Co. Ltd., Made in China
Approx. 510 shots (according to CIPA standard, with auto power-off 10s), approx. 1430 shots (according to CIPA standard,adjusted shooting cycle*, with auto power-off 5s)
*Alternating: switch on, one exposure every 3s, switch off after 10 exposures, 5min waiting time; switch on, one exposure every 3s, switch off after 50 exposures, 5min waiting time
USB Power Supply USB charger function in standby mode or when switched off, USB power supply when switched on
Charger (Leica BC-SCL4) Input: AC 100–240 V, 50/60 Hz, 0.25 A, automatic switchover; Output: DC 8.4 V 0.85 A; Manufacturer: Salom Electric (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., Made in China